Titanyen Haiti

Our work is focused on the community of Titanyen, a community of about 3,000 people, where most of the residents of Capvva–the post-earthquake IDP community we had been journeying with– moved after the tent camp was officially closed down. Land in Titanyen has been viewed as communal land, which allowed for relocation there without the costs and legal burden associated with owning property outright. The majority of residents in Titanyen have built there house out of sheet metal and wood, many using UN-issued grants to purchase materials. The community itself is somewhat isolated in a rural part of Haiti about an hour north and east of Port-au-Prince across some treacherous mountain passes and unpaved roads. There is no potable water here and the people rely on water trucks to have water to drink and cook. Due to its remote location, residents here travel long distances to participate in local markets and day-labor jobs. The church is vibrant in Titanyen and looking to grow. We have worked closely with the leaders of the church since back in 2011 when we uplifted the churches’ activities when they were ministering in Capvva. Many in Titanyen are poised for change, despite the harsh circumstances.

Below is a list of projects currently ongoing in Titanyen:


Church empowerment