Led to Cameroon in 2013 at the request of a small team who sought to plant the heart and soul of Join the Journey there, we are committed to a rural community called Tiben Village in the Northwest Province of Cameroon, with a population 2,000 people. The church there is very active and we have conducted a number of projects that have allowed them to further connect with the community. Our Cameroon branch, led by Philip Afuh, is filled with humble servants and is committed to seeing life growth for those in Tiben. Read more on the humble journey of those in Tiben here.


We are partnered with local ministry, Campo Timoteo, led by American missionary Benjamin Gomez. Together we strive to uplift the village of Las Lomas, a small village in Peru’s jungle and one of the poorest areas of the country. Benjamin leads fun theater-type presentations of the Gospel on a weekly basis for the kids of the village. JTJ has often come alongside Benjamin and his ministry to provide compassion outreaches that will bring families closer to Jesus.

Also in Peru, JTJ is in the initial stages of a partnership with a Peruvian orphanage called Sagrada Familia about an hour north of Peru’s capital of Lima. The orphanage is home to more than a 1,000 children who have either been abandoned or given up by their families because they can no longer care for them full time. Working with our partners at Sagrada Familia, we hope to help make their home a little safer and a lot better for the kids.


We are partnered with a Filipino church plant, Potter’s Clay Baptist Church, in an extremely poor village of Dahung on the island of Negros. Most of the people are farm hands who make barely enough for a couple square meals. Read about Purok, the efforts of Potter’s Clay Baptist, and how we are bringing micro-loan solutions to help the people there: Inside Dahung.


We are partnered with longtime associate of JTJ, James Dorzil and his organization Haiti Compassion Work, in the community of Titanyen, a village to the north of Port-au-Prince where many earthquake victims relocated to. The challenges post-earthquake remain great but the people have a never-give-up attitude. Take a closer look into Titanyen Haiti and our projects there: Inside Titanyen.