We Are Moving Forward to Helping Titanyen

Peace has somewhat been restored in Haiti but the country continues to hurt and without a specific way forward to end it’s economic troubles. We are assessing long-term solutions to water issues – and praying that the living water of Jesus Christ fills the hearts of the people in Titanyen. Will you pray with us on this front?

Our partner in Haiti, James Dorzil, director of Haiti Compassion Work, describes the situation in Haiti – how water is helping bring the community together in a dire time. It’s difficult to hear, given the circumstance, but gives a good snapshot of the community’s need for water. We are moving to continue to assist Titanyen in this time of deep need.

We delivered a second round of water to Titanyen yesterday through our partner on the ground (Haiti Compassion Work). We are looking at long term solutions to this grave issue. Please continue to pray for this work and for the people there.

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