Titanyen Church Rebuild Project

Join the Journey has been moving with the community of Titanyen since residents moved there in 2014 following several years in a post-earthquake tent village. During that summer, we helped the community build a local church. That church is now withered and broken down, on the brink of collapse. While we don’t often strive to give ‘hand outs’ but rather ‘hand ups,’ we are committing to rebuilding the Titanyen church–alongside the community. We feel that rebuilding will serve three ends: 1.) Provide a safe space for God to be glorified 2.) Provide a community space for empowerment and community building 3.) Demonstrate to the community JTJ resolve to see their lives flourish. The total for this project is $7,000. Please take a few moments to watch the below videos and see how the Lord might stir you to be a part of this incredible journey to see Christ revealed in the hearts and minds of those in Haiti. Giving link at the bottom of this page.

The below video offers a short history of the Titanyen church in its humble beginnings in 2014.

Contribute to the Titanyen Rebuild