The Spark Collective

The Spark Collective is a community of doers, change agents, and servant leaders committed to catalyzing flourishing lives through empowerment and entrepreneurship.

We’d love to have you serve with us – wherever your talents are!

Spark Coach
This is our mentor-like program where you can sign up to teach a class, give a fireside chat on social media, share tips in 30-second video clips, and just in general be involved in helping shape entrepreneur’s understanding of business best practices.
Impact Tribe
This is our volunteer cadre of people that want to get the word out and be advocates on behalf of our global entrepreneurs.
Vets on Mission
This is our veteran corps who want to build community, resilience, and continue to serve.

Fueling Compassion

Meet our Impact Tribe Director

Olivia Reinhard

Olivia is has a passion for connecting people to impact.

In her words:

“Our generation recognizes we can be the change. It starts with one step.”

Join the Spark Collective!

If you are interested in joining us as we Spark Hope for entrepreneurs around the world, please fill out the below and one of our team members will be in touch.