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Titanyen, Haiti

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6 Months
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Haiti Compassion Work
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Sandra, 30, has lived in Titanyen for a long time. She has two children and is engaged to their father.
About Me:
I live in a shelter with my family. It is made of small woods and has a roof. We do not get to eat everyday, but usually can get at least one meal a day, but not always. I think it is important to have clean clothes for health, but sometimes for my family that comes at the expense of food..
My Business:
In my business I will help the town to have access to soaps for washing, but also some other important resources like candles and matches for light. I will be purchasing my supplies in the town of Croix-des Bouquets. I am also looking for good mentorship to truly make my business a success and free my family from starving anymore.
Details about family:
I have two children, they are six and four years old. My youngest child was able to attend school
this year, but not my six year old.
It is definitely a hard time for us right now, but I do believe that things will get better for us. I believe that the Lord is watching over us. We are coming closer to God everyday as we attend church more and more. I know that he is doing great things in my life. Step by step, our lives are getting changed.

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Loan Details:

Length: 6 months
Repayment Schedule: Monthly
Local Currency: 9,093.80 Haitian gourde ($100 USD)
Loan Issuer: Haiti Compassion Work

Business Details:

Years in Business: 13 Years
Expenses: 250 Gourde per week (2.75 USD)
Revenues: 750 Gourde per week (8.25 USD)
Profit: 500 Gourde per week
Business concept validated for payback: ✅

Field Partner:

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Titanyen Community Church

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