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Titanyen, Haiti

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6 Months
Footwear Sales
Haiti Compassion Work
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Ruth, 26, has been in living in Titanyen for six years. She has two children and believes the need for footwear in the community is great and her business will be successful.
About Me:
My family has lived in Titanyen for six years. I have two children myself and we have a very hard time affording food. I was only able to receive some high school education, but I believe education is very important. For my children, my goal is to use this business to ensure they have a great education and can work at better careers.
My Business:
I will go to the busier town of Croix-des Bouquets to sell my goods. The demand for footwear is higher there and I can sell more sandals each day. It is a distance, so I would like to reinvest into better transportation as soon as I can.
Details about family:
I am not married and have to raise my children alone. Unfortunately, I do not have money to send my children to school. My eldest child is six years old without any proper education. We are Christians and believe that despite our challenges, the Lord will provide for us to lift us up. We believe this business will help.

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Loan Details:

Length: 6 months
Repayment Schedule: Monthly
Local Currency: 9,093.80 Haitian gourde ($100 USD)
Loan Issuer: Haiti Compassion Work

Business Details:

Years in Business: 15 Years
Expenses: 500 Gourde per week (5.50 USD)
Revenues: 1,300 Gourde per week (14.30 USD)
Profit: 800 Gourde per week
Business concept validated for payback: ✅

Field Partner:

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Titanyen Community Church

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