Project Passion: Cameroon

Church celebration in Cameroon in 2017.

Since beginning our journey in Tiben, Join the Journey has uplifted churches across two parishes, Mbaraban Parish and Kwenom Parish, helping a number of churches in those two parishes. In response to a special appeal by the Kwenom Church, led by┬áRev,Fobene Shella, JTJ’s Cameroon branch has selected that body of believers to receive our annual Easter giving. Kwenom Church has about 76 Christians and like many in Tiben get by with very little daily income. For the Easter Project Passion giving in Cameroon, JTJ traditionally gives bags of rice to families of select churches. The bags of rice, though a simple staple good, provide ample nutrition and are seen as a huge blessing. We pray you join us in uplifting this church!

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