Cameroon Livelihood Poultry Program

In the spring of 2017, Join the Journey — in conjunction with our local branch in Cameroon — started a poultry empowerment program with a pilot pool of 4 widows. The widows were trained how to care and feed the poultry and bring to local market. Our initial grant of $500 provided for 50 chickens, feed and drink, plus medication. Due to funding at the time, we were only able to support two widows.

Teno Victorine, a widow and mother of 3, has been very successful in raising the poultry. She is now on her fourth batch of chickens that she is preparing for market. She buys about 50 to 75 chicks and sells after 45 days. It is a very profitable business and is sustaining her family. Empowerment in action!

We hope to give $500 so that the remaining two widows we initially connected with can be empowered.

           Anche Victorine                                                                   Teno Jannette