Our Impact

Micro-lending Program

Empowerment is one of three primary pillars at Join the Journey as we seek to live provide holistic intentionalism as we live out the Gospel among the poor. We believe in a hand up, not a hand out. We’ve discovered that most of the poor are entrepreneurial and just need the capital to start and sustain local businesses. In places of extreme poverty, a $100 loan can be enough to purchase chickens or staple goods for sale at the community market. Through our partners on the ground in some of the most impoverished places, we work to identify suitable candidates for loans, issuance of those loans, and the accountability in collecting the loans. We encourage you to click through the stories of the candidates and sponsor them for a loan. Learn more..

Haiti Church Rebuild

Join the Journey has been moving with the community of Titanyen since residents moved there in 2014 following several years in a post-earthquake tent village. During that summer, we helped the community build a local church. That church is now withered and broken down, on the brink of collapse. While we don’t often strive to give ‘hand outs’ but rather ‘hand ups,’ we are committing to rebuilding the Titanyen church–alongside the community. We feel that rebuilding will serve three ends. Learn more..