Our Approach

We believe in a holistic Gospel, one where we as believers must minister to the “whole” person as we seek to share the heart of Christ with them. While the eternal offering of Christ far outweighs present conditions, we recognize that God desires for each of us to live, to thrive, and make a Kingdom impact. We equally recognize that the poverty trap runs deep and must be approached in a way that does not create a dependency relationship between us and the community we serve.

Lending to the poor

We believe in a hand up, not a hand out. Our micro-lending program provides small loans—usually the equivalent of $100—so that individuals may begin businesses to realize increased wages and in turn feed their families. This includes selling daily necessities like soap and shampoo, to drinks and snacks, to raising livestock.

Partnering for Discipleship

We are nothing without the Word of God – and His light to guide us. As a closely intertwined process, we directly partner with the local church in places where we work. We encourage them to reach out and build the body of believers in parallel with micro-lending processes.