Quick Facts

Total Lent to Date


Entrepreneurs in the Program


Years in Service


Your Dollars at Work

100% of crowdfunded contributions go to the entreprenuers. Our other fundraising efforts sustain the overall program which also includes grants delivered to our partners for day-to-day operations. As we roll out more loans in 2019, we also plan to issue smartphones to increase financial literacy and communication between backers and entrepreneurs.
Actual Loan
All funds that come in that are crowdfunded to supported an entrepreneur are allocated to the individual.
Empowerment Cost
This is an estimate amount for travel expenses plus a livelihood augment we provide to our partners, who serve their countrymen out of the love of Christ and seeing change. This amount is based on a 6-month loan.
Mobile Phone
We ai to begin to purchasing mobile phones for each beneficiary, which will help our collective team track progress.

Micro-lending FAQs

We find qualified loan applicants through by working closely with other partners. They are the eyes and ears in a community and meet candidates who both demonstrate resolve to feed their families and have a genuinely good business concept.

The primary criteria is based on trust and respect in the community they live in, which is why we first partner with a community and then issue loans.

As a 501(c)3, we are funded through the benevolence of our supporters. We decrease overhead through volunteer efforts and ensure the maximum amount of contributions goes directly to the field.