Join the Journey-SD

We have launched a multi-dimensional journey in San Diego that is both focused on economic empowerment and discipleship in an urban and economically challenged city—our core mission—and are simultaneously connecting college students to transformational efforts (a first-ever approach).

Uplifting City Heights

City Heights is a true melting pot of San Diego and the world, where immigrants and refugees from all corners have come to call home. A wide assortment of ethnic populations are represented from places like Syria, East and West Africa, and all over Asia. But many who live here struggle to get beyond what is considered America’s poverty line, living on less than $15,000 annually or $1,250 a month.  For many who are workers in minimum wage positions, high food expenses, rising rents, and the overall cost of managing a family creates strain and often situations where they become dependent on both a formal [government] and informal welfare system provided by area churches and non-profit organizations. Language barriers also present a challenge for many to rise out of labor-intensive, low-paying jobs. With the multitude of cultures, there is a wide variety of religions practiced – and yet there is an incredible opportunity to share the Gospel with people who have never heard it before. It is not uncommon here to see a Salsa dancing night or an African cultural festival on the same weekend. As we journey with City Heights, we are embracing all these elements to step in and uplift both with economic empowerment and biblical truth

Economic Empowerment
Many in City Heights struggle economically because of lack of skilled expertise and language barriers. Entrepreneurship has been identified as a method for people to sustain their families. Most people sell food or crafts out of their home, considered part of the informal market economy. There is a number of “pop up” businesses [selling out of a food cart]. Join the Journey seeks to empower these individuals and directly assist them in registering their businesses. Ultimately, we want to promote area businesses selling in public and creating a thriving City Heights.

There are a number of churches in City Heights moving out for God’s glory. We are in the process of partnership and will update this page as those are solidified.

Volunteer mobilization
We seek to expose college students to the plight of the poor and involve them in the process of transformation. College students provide an invaluable energy and represent the next generation of change agents. We seek to motivate college students beyond merely serving and integrated into empowerment processes of those we work with.