Jessie Chikope

Chawama, Zambia

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Repayment Term:
8 Months
Spark Zambia
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Entrepreneur Info

I am married my husband is retired. we have 3 children 2 girls and 1 boy.
How I plan to use loan: I want to grow my poultry business by increasing the number of chickens I sell from 100 to 200 per month. I will buy more chickens with the loan.
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Chawama, Zambia

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Loan Details:

Length: 8 months
Repayment Schedule: Monthly
Local Currency: 4000 KWA ($200 USD)
Loan Issuer: Spark Zambia

Business Details:

Years in Business: 7 years
Field Partner: Spark Zambia
Business concept validated for payback: ✅

Field Partner:

Spark Zambia

Join the Journey is partnered with Spark Zambia, which launched in conjunction with JTJ’s commitment to working in the country. Spark Zambia is led by Chimfwembe Chisashi, who has more than 12 years in the digital finance sector. Spark Zambia works closely with the local church House of God Ministries and other business stakeholders within the community. 

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