Jacqueline Michél

Titanyen, Haiti

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Repayment Term:
6 Months
Footwear Sales
Haiti Compassion Work
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Entrepreneur Info

Michel, 33, has lived in Titanyen for only a few weeks. Her and her husband have two children to care for..
About Me:
We recently moved to Titanyen. My husband was working before as a Mason, but has not been able to find work for a long time. We must find new ways to provide for our children. I’ve worked before in a store for fire-goods, such as matches and candles. I believe this new business will be profitable for our family.
My Business:
Many in Titanyen are in need of good footwear and with a loan I can purchase different kinds of shoes and sandals. Many wear sandals but there is need for both in the town. I will have a shop in the middle of town. In order to get these goods to sell though I will also need help in transportation.
Details about family:
We are currently living in a handmade shelter, me, my husband, and our two sons. Sadly, our son Guillaume is nine years old but we have not been able to get him any schooling. It’s the same for our son Ezechial who is six years old.
When I was younger I believed in Voodoo. A brother in Christ, who was a neighbor, told us about the Lord and kept educating us every time he saw us. We were blessed enough to eventually find that the Lord is the way, the truth, and the life. We believe all things are possible through Him and we are able to raise our sons as Christians now.

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Loan Details:

Length: 6 months
Repayment Schedule: Monthly
Local Currency: 9,093.80 Haitian gourde ($100 USD)
Loan Issuer: Haiti Compassion Work

Business Details:

Years in Business: 15 Years
Expenses: 250 Gourde per week (2.75 USD)
Revenues: 750 Gourde per week (8.25 USD)
Profit: 500 Gourde per week
Business concept validated for payback: ✅

Field Partner:

Anchor Sponser

Titanyen Community Church

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