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Purok, Philippines

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Selling Fish at Port
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Jack is 30 yrs.old, married with 2 kids.  He lives in Villa Maria, brgy sum ag. Sum ag has a fishport, people come daily to buy and sell fish. He plan to buy fish and dry these, so that he can sell to farmers and field workers.
About Me:
I am a graduate of Pastoral Ministry in the BMA Bible College. I am married with 2 kids ( a girl, 2 yrs old and a boy, 4 months old. ) I started a mission in brgy. Libas, Isabela, Neg Occ.4 months ago. The work is new and i need to support my family. I prayed and God opened an opportunity for earn while serving Him.
My Business:
Since we lived near a fishport, I will buy fresh fish, salt, and dry these under the sun. Dried fish are very much needed by the people who lives farther from the sea .


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Length: 6 months
Repayment Schedule: Weekly
Local Currency: 5,200 Pesos ($100 USD)
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Years in Business: 5 Years
Weekly Expenses: 4000 Pesos
Weekly Revenues: 6000 Pesos
Profit: 2000 Pesos
Business concept validated for payback: ✅

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