Impactathon For

Future Flourishing

Impactathon for Future Flourishing is a hack-a-thon-like event that will connect doers, thinkers, and social entrepreneurs to address poverty challenges around the world – specifically in this COVID-19 moment.

Teams will be challenged to develop a solution/product/model to reduce poverty within a social enterprise framework…basically an idea that pays for itself. Teams will have to 24 hours to come up with a pitch of their idea to judges for prizes.

Friday, Aug 21st 2020
12:00 pm EST | 9:00 am PST | 7:00 pm Nairobi — Kickoff & welcome
12:30 pm EST — Release of scenarios + Impact Talks
1:15 pm EST — Virtual speed networking & team formation
2:00 pm EST — Impact Workshop + teams complete Milestone 1
3:15 pm EST — Pitch deck overview
4:00 pm EST — Impact Catalyst informal panel talks and OH + hackathon group time

Saturday, Aug 22nd 2020
10:00 am EST | 7:00 am PST | 5:00 pm Nairobi — Day 2 welcome + Milestone 2 + Pitch slot signup
10:45 am EST — Impact Talk
12:30 pm EST — Team tech checks
1:00 pm EST — Final pitches
4:00 pm EST — Winners announced + Judges’ comments + closing remarks

What are we competing on?

Two scenarios will be released within the first hour of Impactathon. Each scenario will tell a story of one example of poverty in the developing world or the developed world. Over the course of 24 hours, teams and individuals will select one scenario to map out the issues (causes, effects and existing frameworks) and work together to come up with a potential solution, get feedback, and prepare a slide deck presentation and pitch to judges.

Poverty solutions around the world are often done in a donor-centric context with large foundations extending grants to organizations to run charitable activities. This competition is meant to inspire social entrepreneurship such that the solutions are sustainable in that they are both revenue-generating and alleviate poverty.

What if I don’t have a team?

We will open up the event platform on Discord two weeks prior to Impactathon. You will have a chance then to meet other participants and learn more about their previous work. You may ask to join them if both you and the potential team mutually agree. Please be sure that if you are added, that gets added to team registry.


Alternatively, you will be able to join teams at the beginning of the Impactathon during what will be a called a ‘join up period.’ Here we will have sort of an open season where each team annotates what skills they are looking for and Impactathon moderators will also engage to ensure all participants get matched.

How will Impactathon work being that it will be virtual?

All the usual elements of a hackathon will be conducted on a combination of Zoom and Discord. You will have the opportunity to interact with your team on Discord and meet the necessary requirements. There will also be speakers that will be live-streamed throughout.

What are prizes judged on?

Our judges will be given a matrix of judging criteria and the prize criteria will be finalized/announced at the Impactathon. In general, teams will be judged by innovation, realism, and overall impact.

What if we already have an idea – can we just submit it?

Many teams will come with an idea and may have already developed it to some extent. It is OK to bring this idea to Impactathon but please be mindful it has to fit within the scenario presented. It will also be obvious to judges if your have not done any additional work on that idea as a result of Impactathon.