Haiti Rise Up Initiative

Haiti Rise Up is the umbrella initiative that seeks to build individual and community capacity in a small rural village in Haiti – Titanyen. The initiative focuses on three elements: economic development through entrepreneurial empowerment, community capacity through transportation and communal meeting spaces, and Christian discipleship within the local church to restore broken relationships/steward hope for a better future.

A look at Titanyen: Our journey in Haiti is focused on the community of Titanyen, a village of about 3,000 people, comprised predominantly of the residents of Capvva–the post-earthquake IDP community we had been journeying with– moved after the tent camp was officially closed down in 2014. Land in Titanyen has been viewed as communal land, which allowed for relocation there without the costs and legal burden associated with owning property outright. The majority of residents in Titanyen have built there house out of sheet metal and wood, many using UN-issued grants to purchase materials. The community itself is somewhat isolated in a rural part of Haiti about an hour north and east of Port-au-Prince across some treacherous mountain passes and unpaved roads. The community faces a number of resource challenges including distance to markets and lack of potable water. However, there are tremendous bright spots including a JTJ-sponsored vendor that ha a small store and a thriving church.

Haiti Rise Up Projects:
The below seek to build capacity and invest in people 

Church Rebuild Project:
Description of Project: JTJ first sponsored a church in Titanyen when the community moved from its tent village in Cite Soleil (temporary shelter following earthquake) to Titanyen in 2014. The church was built on wood and a variety of sheet metal. This project will comprise of building a new structure with materials that is  more fortified and safer for people to worship in and use as a community space.

Intended outcomes: 1.) Provide a safe space for people to worship God 2.) Provide a community space where people can meet and collaborate 3.) Empower community members involved in the rebuild 4.) Demonstrate to the community JTJ and our partner Haiti Compassion Work’s resolve to see their lives flourish.
Cost: $7,000


Project: Vendor Hub Space
Description: This project will consist of the structural construction of a building that can host up to 5 vendors as part of Join the Journey’s overall micro-enterprise program. We assess that through a “mixed-used” vendor hub where multiple vendors can sell/store goods that it will increase the throughput of traffic and overall success of vendors in the program.
Intended Outcomes: A vendor hub space will provide a.) more available market options for the community in Titanyen b.) develop attraction for people outside the community to come in and purchase c.) provide increased security and lower transportation costs for vendors d.) develop as a community space for increased community relations in Titanyen.Trans


Tportation Project – Tap-tap Program
Description: This will be a JTJ-sponsored purchase of truck-like vehicle—called a tap-tap—that can hold multiple people. The truck would be issued to our partner Haiti Compassion Work, who would further enlist people of the community to drive and collect payments for rides back-forth to the city for work and market sales.
Intended outcomes: Purchase of the tap-tap the will: a.) increase mobility of community members b.) provide a goods/service that will eventually pay for itself c.) equip overall capacity for transportation to and from Titanyen to accomplish projects.
Cost: $4,000 for truck, $2,000 for insurance and registration



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