Geraldine Eya

Great Soppo, Cameroon

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Repayment Term:
10 Months
Food Sales
JTJ Cameroon
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Entrepreneur Info

My name is Geraldine Eya. I am 38 years old. I engage in the sale of dry fish commonly refer as smoke fish. I am also engage in the sale of palm fruits.

About Me: I am a single parent, a mother of six children. My husband died 10 years ago. I am currently engaged. At present, the income we make is not sufficient to pay for the children for schooling and household needs’. I am appealing to individuals of good will to support me to fund my little business in order to send my children to school.

My Business: I engage in the sale of dry fish and palm fruits. I buy the fish in cartoon at the local fish store in Buea fresh and then later dry it before selling. For the palm fruits, I buy from local farmers. I sell my products at the bi-weekly Buea central market.
Details about family: I have six children, 4 girls and 2 boys. four of my children are at elementary school while two are in secondary school.


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Anchor Sponser

This project currently does not have an anchor sponsor. Anchor sponsors are critical to ensuring operational costs are covered so are partners can be involved in the community. If you are a business, church, or organization that desires to partner, please contact us.

Loan Details:

Length: 10 months
Repayment Schedule: Monthly
Local Currency: 100,000 CFA ($175 USD)
Loan Issuer: JTJ Cameroon

Business Details:

Years in Business: 3 Years
Expenses: 60000 CFA per week
Revenues: 85000 CFA per week
Profit: 15000 per week ($25)
Business concept validated for payback: ✅

Field Partner:

JTJ Cameroon

JTJ Cameroon is Join the Journey’s branch in Cameroon, forming in 2013 after a board member helped shepherd the official processes of formation in the country. JTJ Cameroon first began activities in a northwest rural province called Tiben, focusing on compassion outreach and empowerment of local farmers through raising poultry. JTJ Cameroon were forced to evacuate from Tiben in 2017 as may of the beneficiaries we had befriended were killed at the cost of a government reprisal against an independence movement. JTJ Cameroon piloted a 10-month micro-loan program in Great Soppo where all five entrepreneurs repaid their loans.
JTJ Cameroon team issuing good cheer for Project Bright Smile:

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