Beatrice Shabalata
February 2, 2021

Grateful for the opportunity

She is a tailor, business used to be school before the coronavirus as we used to make school uniforms. But from the time the Government closed all the schools in this area our business has been affected.   

She wants to thank you in advance and hoping you will help us with the loans to help us improve our lives.

Atam Nicoline
February 2, 2020
Buea , Cameroon

A happy Seamstress at Great Soppo Buea

Atam is a single parent, blessed with three children and she had made a request to be granted with a micro loan so as to empower herself through her business and send her children to school. She is a seamstress and mainly sews female clothes.

Through your generous donation, her request was granted and is currently happy running her
dress making business.

Florence Massoma
February 2, 2020
Buea , Cameroon

Empowerment through sale of smoked fish

Florence is 37 years, and is one of the internally displaced people due to the unrest in Cameroon. Through the micro loan that she received, she was able to boost her business and is very grateful for the support that Join the Journey granted her. Just to let you know that we appreciate every effort that you our donors make in making the lives of these wonderful families better.

Eya Geraldine
Feb 2, 2020
Buea , Cameroon

Sale of smoked fish and palm fruits for sustenance

38 year old Geraldine is a mother to 6 children and depends on the above business to take care of her family. Four of her children are in elementary school and two in secondary school.

Through the micro loan she got from Journey to Journey, she was able to buy four cartons of fresh fish and two bags of palm fruits, which will be a big boost to her business. Thank you for touching the life of Geraldine and that of her family.

Efren Sandell
April 23, 2020
Villa Maria , Philippines

Two are better than one

Efren is a dedicated husband and father of three kids and they regularly attends church at our partner church in Philippines, the Potters Clay Baptist Church. He is an electrician but his income is not enough to meet the family needs, especially in educating his children.

With The micro loan they have received, he and his wife hope to sell school supplies e.g. stationery and since his wife can bake too, they will add some pastry snacks for sale. We are praying that this will be a new beginning for them, we appreciate all of you our partners who made this possible.

Marie Claudane Phanor
April 23, 2020
Titanyen, Haiti

Chicken Coup Up and Running

Marie has been running a chicken coup for the past 16 years in Titanyen. She lives with her husband and her 6 year old child,they are expecting a second baby.

With the help from our donors,she got a grant and will use it to expand her business and increase profitability.