Grace Abuana

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     Name: Grace Abuana

     Location: 🇵🇭 Sum Ag, Negros, Philippines

     Loan Proposal: Sell Food in Local Cafeteria

     Loan Length: 1 year – monthly installments


Grace Abuana is a 55-year-old a widow with 3 kids who lives in the rural barangay of Sum Ag on the Philippine island of Negros. Grace Abuana sells food in the cafeteria of Sum Ag High School. She is a widow with 3 kids, using what little she makes from her cafeteria sales to help them through life. She is looking for an empowerment loan to extend her business, expanding her offerings to include more variety of food and school supplies.

Our 1-year micro-loan program helps entrepreneurs in developing countries achieve their goals and make a better overall life for themselves. Our micro-loans help with everything from establishing agricultural co-ops to produce income locally, to changing the economy of an entire village.