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Sum Ag, Philippines

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6 Months
Small Store & Pig Raising
Potter's Clay Baptist Church
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Emilie is a faithful member of Potters Clay Baptist Church who desires to start a business to supplement the family’s income. She lives in village adjacent to the church and opened her house for a Bible study so that her neighbors can hear about the Lord. Potters Clay’s Pastor Gomez leads the Bible Study, which is going on for almost 6 months now.
I am 38-years-old and a mother of 3 kids. My husband is a taxi driver (3 days a week). His income is not enough for our daily needs and to send our kids to school.
I would like to open up a small shop (sari sari store) and purchase a pig to sell in the market once it is full grown. For the store, I plan to go to town and buys foodstuff needed by my neighbors.


Find out what life is like in Sum Ag, Philippines

Loan Details:

Length: 6 months
Repayment Schedule: Weekly
Local Currency: 5,000 Pesos ($100 USD)
Loan Issuer: Potter’s Clay Baptist Church 

Business Details:

Sari Store
Weekly Expenses: 2000 Pesos
Weekly Revenues: 3000 Pesos
Profit: 1000 Pesos
Pig Raising
Startup Cost: 2000 Pesos (Piglet)
Additional costs: 2000 Pesos (feed)
Revenue: 4,000 Pesos (after four months)
Profit: 2000 Pesos
Business concept validated for payback: ✅

Field Partner:

Potter’s Clay Baptist Church

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