Answering the Call

Join the Journey is sustained by year-round native partnerships but fueled by active duty and veterans who serve in short bursts to be a bridge across cultures. When our veterans head to the field, they forge long-lasting friendships that bring deep meaning to our partners and the homefront community cheering on the mission. Seeing firsthand the poverty of the communities we work in is life-changing. Our vets return from field work transformed with newfound insights on poverty and themselves.

What you do on the ground

Terrain Analysis
Meet with local leaders, NGOs, and community members to understand the environment and assess resource gaps and/or synergies.
Work with partners to annotate program progress, challenges, and potential solutions.
Build trusted relationships for the longterm work in a given community.
Cultural Immersion
Eat and drink with the locals and experience life as our partners live it everyday.

Reflections from the Field

Meet Larry Simpson

Larry is a retired Air Force colonel who deployed on mission to Haiti in 2018. He assisted in a Bible summer camp and met with entrepreneurs who received loans from JTJ

In his words:

“I did it out of service to others. The time there was more a blessing on me than I was to those I met.”