Larry Simpson

Larry Simpson in Focus

Larry and wife Bobbie enjoy a quick eat together. The couple specializes in marriage and family ministry. Larry serves on the JTJ Board is stepping out to serve in Haiti this summer.

Larry and wife Bobbie enjoy a quick eat together. The couple specializes in marriage and family ministry. Larry serves on the JTJ Board is stepping out to serve in Haiti this summer.

Join the Journey is blessed to have Larry Simpson both on our board of directors and stepping up to lead this year’s Haiti Compassion trip. Larry provides some details of his testimony below. We pray it encourages you to join in prayer as he steps out in faith.

About Larry: Larry spent 27 years honorably serving in the Air Force before transitioning to the family outreach ministry with an international parachurch. He and wife Bobbie pour into the lives of military members, married couples, and provide leadership mentoring to Washington’s Puget Sound region through the ministry of Officers’ Christian Fellowship. Both have served together in that capacity for the past 10 years.

Larry’s history in serving the poor: Larry is originally from Lexington, KY. It is there that he first began to think about helping others out who were less fortunate.  As a high school student, Larry garnered pledges and walked 26 miles for the “Walk for Hunger” campaign.  That experience was a building point for Larry’s love and commitment to the poor of Appalachia Kentucky, and the world.  Early in his military career, he felt the call to full-time Christian ministry and upon retiring from the Air force, he attended Seminary and received a MA in Christian Leadership.  He authored the book Leader, Draw Near.  Leading in home Bible studies, serving in various churches, working with missionaries while serving overseas, and extensive one-on-one discipleship have more than honed and shaped his heart for serving the poor and powerless of the world.

Larry’s testimony of coming to faith in his words: I came to faith in a semi-Christian home: my mom was a believer, but my dad didn’t darken the door of a church throughout my childhood. God began speaking to my all those years of quietly sitting in Sunday school and listening to the preacher and at the age of 12, I made a decision to give my life to Christ and follow Him.  Many were instrumental in the faith that followed that decision.  Mr. Miller, a kind and caring neighbor, would say to me, “Keep your hand in His hand.”  That neighbor would get my brother and me involved in ushering and serving in the church. My walk progressed as I served and continued to receive formal teaching—by stern direction of my mom—through Sunday School and the weekly message.  In my first year of college, “Here’s Life America,” a ministry effort of Campus Crusade for Christ came to our city, and I believe the commitment to be an ambassador or servant of God took root in my life. Significantly, at my first active duty station in the Air Force, a young 2nd Lt friend, Dean Flower, discipled in a relational way that made a lasting difference.  He challenged me to greater spiritual disciplines in the things of God: prayer, study, and living out God’s word in all facets of life.  God’s gracious love sought me out, held me and grew me to live a life of grateful service.  My spiritual walk took off.  I began actively discipling others, leading Bible studies in our home, and serving as deacon in various churches. Though I sensed the call to full-time ministry as early as my second assignment in Air Force, the Air Force wouldn’t let me resign. My wife and I navigated through the military on a God-inspired dual track: faithfully serving our nation’s armed forces while pouring into people’s lives at each mile marker along the way. The journey grew us in faith and grew me personally as a leader to take on the ministry capacity I am now serving in.