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What is Join The Journey?
Join the Journey (JTJ) is a Christ-centered empowerment organization that seeks to uplift entrepreneurs facing extreme poverty by helping them launch businesses. Click the video to hear from our founder on how and why we exist.
Adam Cole
Christ-follower – On Mission to Uplift the Poor
Arlington, Virginia

Our history

JTJ formed in 2009 as an advocacy-through-media organization with a heart for Christ and compassion for the least. Our focus shifted to Haiti when founder Adam Cole served in the earthquake relief efforts with the U.S. military and returned in September 2010 with JTJ. On that 2010 trip, he came in contact with the needs of the tent village of Capvva, a camp of displaced and homeless Haitians. Capvva members eventually received grants from the U.N. to relocate but the experience of serving in the depths of poverty has forever shaped the organization. We remain committed to uplifting—now through micro-loans—the poorest of the poor.

Lending as empowerment

We believe in a hand up, not a hand out. Our micro-lending program provides small loans—usually the equivalent of $100—so that individuals may begin businesses to realize increased wages and in turn feed their families. This includes selling daily necessities like soap and shampoo, to drinks and snacks, to raising livestock. Follow our latest updates on our entrepreneurs currently in the program.

Partnering for Discipleship

We are nothing without the Word of God – and His light to guide us. As a closely intertwined process, we directly partner with the local church in places where we work. We encourage these churches to reach out and build the body of believers in parallel with micro-lending processes. Discover entrepreneurs located in Haiti