Small Loans, Big Changes.

Lend to entrepreneurs in developing countries to help create new opportunities.
Making Connections

Expanding Economic Opportunity

We aim to introduce microfinance to the world’s poorest people from the remote villages of Haiti to teeming slums of Africa. Traditional banking has not penetrated most of these places, and globally microfinance has only reached a fraction of those who need it.
Field Partners
25K $
Happy Entrepreneurs
Repayment Rate


JTJ partners with local missionaries and native organizations to mentor and train entrepreneurs.


Mentorship and training is provided before, during and after the loan cycle.


Our partners are more than traditional loan officers, they’re committed to changing people’s lives.

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How It Works

Application Process
A borrower applies for a loan, the loan goes through an underwriting and approval process.
Fundraising Period
The loan is posted the JTJ for lenders to support. Lenders crowdfund the loan increments of $10 or more.
Borrower Repays The Loan
Lenders use repayments to fund new loans, donate or withdraw the money.
Joining Hands To Help The World

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By lending as little as $10, you can connect with people around the world and help them reach their goals.