Service Before Self

We are a band of brothers & sisters who seek to live out Philippians 2:3-4 – called by Jesus to care for the extreme poor and help them achieve flourishing. We do this through small loans and Godly mentorship.
Giving a Hand Up

Empowering Change

We are former and present military service members, teachers, pastors, business leaders, and entrepreneurs. We are united by a common call to live our lives worthy of Christ, serving others before self. Together with our partner in Zambia (Spark Zambia), we are committed to sparking hope through training entrepreneurs, providing small loans, and then mentoring them on the journey or business growth. It’s a hand up, not a hand out approach that allows people to rise out of poverty by on their own terms.
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In The Spotlight

Featured Entrepreneur

Viton Chery, 56, is a widow with two grown children. She is a female shop owner and one of the leaders of the JTJ Church in Titanyen, Haiti. After her husband died she struggled to provide for herself and her children, but through JTJ’s staff, she signed up with our micro-loan program and received a loan to start up her own shop. A strong, independent woman, Viton smiles when she proudly states, “I am about to grow my business!”  She plans to continue to learn from JTJ Field Partners and to be a micro-loan recipient to increase her knowledge and pass the information on to her children.
Our Process

How It Works

Can such a small amount really make a change? Yes! You’d be amazed how far a small micro-loan will take a person who has all the motivation in the world and just lacks the resources – we fuel their dreams with a small bit of capital.
Here’s how it works.

1. Partner
1. Partner
We partner with communities to bring change as a holistic community-wide investment
2. Empower
2. Empower
Through our partner local organizations, we train and mentor those in selected communities who want to start/build a business
3. Lend
3. Lend
We connect poor entrepreneurs with people around the globe to provide an avenue for philanthropic giving that fuels localized micro-loans
4. Grow
4. Grow
Through our partners on the ground, we remain closely tied to the entrepreneurs as they continue to develop their businesses and observe flourishing in the entire community.